Rophe Tv Ministering House To House the Message of salvation.
Todays Word
Isaiah 25:1
Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.
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   Time slot  (IST)                    Program Name
12:00am-12:30am    Ps. Anil Kant Ministries International(Ps. Anil Kant)
12:30am-01:00am    Vakhanni Dhonia Devak(Praises)
01:00am-01:30am    The New Jerusalem Ministries(Ps. Diogo Fernandes)
01:30am-02:00am    Lion of Judah(Bro. George Gomes)
02:00am-02:30am    Awake Ministries (Bro.Micheal Fernandes)
02:30am-03:00am    God's Courtroom
03:00am-03:30am    Oljcc(Bro. Savio Fernandes)
03:30am-04:00am    Rise & Shine Revival Ministry(Ps. Dhanush Peter Simon)
04:00am-04:30am    Ashish Ministries(Ps. Manoj Murari)
04:30am-05:00am    Karuna Sadan Ministries (Bro.Micheal Fernandes)
05:00am-05:30am    Domnic & Joan Ministries(Ps. Domnic D'souza)
05:30am-06:00am    Awake Ministries (Bro.Micheal Fernandes)
06:00am-06:30am    Vakhanni Dhonia Devak(Praises)
06:30am-07:00am    Ps. Anil Kant Ministries International(Ps. Anil Kant)
07:00am-07:30am    Salvation Ministry (Bro.Anil)
07:30am-08:00am    Christ Embassy (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome)
08:00am-08:30am    Ashirwad Prayer Centre (Dr.Sebastian Martins)
08:30am-09:00am    Karuna Sadan Ministries (Bro.Micheal Fernandes)
09:00am-09:30am    Rehoboth Media Ministries (Bro.Francis)
09:30am-10:00am    Ashish Ministries(Ps. Manoj Murari)
10:00am-10:30am    Ps. Anil Kant Ministries International(Ps. Anil Kant)
10:30am-11:00am    Living Word (Sis Veronica Fernandes)
11:00am-11:30am    Jesus My Healer-Repeat Telecast
11:30am-12:00pm    Jesus My Healer-Repeat Telecast
12:00am-12:30pm    Salvation Ministry (Bro.Anil)
12:30pm-01:00pm    Vakhanni Dhonia Devak(Praises)
01:00pm-01:30pm    Bro.Manuel Ministries (Bro.Manuel Mergulhao) 
01:30pm-02:00pm    Divine Mission Society (Fr.Jerry Sequeira)
02:00pm-02:30pm    Lion of Judah(Bro. George Gomes)
02:30pm-03:00pm    Awake Ministries (Bro.Micheal Fernandes)
03:00pm-03:30pm    Oljcc(Bro. Savio Fernandes)
03:30pm-04:00pm    God's Courtroom
04:00pm-04:30pm    Ashish Ministries(Ps. Manoj Murari)
04:30pm-05:00pm    The New Jerusalem Ministries(Ps. Diogo Fernandes)
05:00pm-05:30pm    Living Word Ministries (Sis Veronica Fernandes)
05:30pm-06:00pm    Jesus Never Fails Ministries (Bro.Cirilo)
06:00pm-06:30pm    Salvation Ministry (Bro.Anil)
06:30pm-07:00pm    Vakhanni Dhonia Devak(Praises)
07:00pm-07:30pm    Divine Mission Society (Fr.Jerry Sequeira)
07:30pm-08:00pm    Domnic & Joan Ministries(Ps. Domnic D'souza)
08:00pm-08:30pm    Ashirwad Prayer Centre (Dr.Sebastian Martins)
08:30pm-09:00pm    Bro.Manuel Ministires ( Bro.Manuel Mergulhao)
09:00pm-09:30pm    Christ Embassy (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome)
09:30pm-10:00pm    The New Jerusalem Ministries(Ps. Diogo Fernandes)
10:00pm-10:30pm    Karuna sadan Ministries (Bro.Micheal fernandes)
10:30pm-11:00pm    Rehoboth Media Ministries (Bro.Francis)
11:00pm-11:30pm    Awake Ministries (Bro.Micheal Fernandes)
11:30pm-12:00am    Oljcc(Bro. Savio Fernandes)

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